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Business Accounts

In addition to private members/clients we also work with companies of any size to establish an employee program to enhance and promote employee retention and to enhance client acquisition.

With our completely personalized Corporate Memberships, our clients enjoy all the benefits of a Private Membership as well as flexible solutions tailored to each company. From employee perks such as day-to-day managers they can access throughout the month to a custom maternity program for those employees adding a new bundle of joy to their family. We also customize white-labeled packages for client acquisition based on your company’s needs.

Employee Perks: We know that happy employees are the key to any company’s success and we believe that providing them with even just a little bit of help they can concentrate on their careers and continuing their contribution towards the company’s success.  Authorized employees will have access to a dedicated team of concierges that will assist employees 24/7 365 with requests such as: travel, dining, entertainment, retail, home and family.

Client Acquisition: We also work with companies to provide a custom plan to attract and retain their client base. We’ll work with you to provide your clients with opportunities that will set you apart. We’ll ensure that all client communications are white-labeled to ensure a consistent brand experience.


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